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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two-party System for the Philippines

     Let me first clarify this, I am only giving my opinion regarding the multi-party system in the country and if ever someone disagree with this, mind your own 'coz we all have different political view.
     Multi-party system in our county helps a lot in representing the diverse political ideologies of the people as well as it's partylist system which represents the underprivileged and marginalized people of the society. But I guess it somehow brought more chaos to our chaotic politics. Think about this, every time that the election is approaching, it's no new to us that some well-known (yes they're famous) politicians will change their party and even form their own. It's a bit annoying that the politicians today, though they will insist that they follow their own principles in life, cannot be contented of they're party. It makes their motives questionable.
     Our country needs to change it's multi-party system. Make it a Two-party system so whenever there's an election, voter's will not get confused of whom he/she will vote because the problem of a multi-party system is that voters like me tend to vote based on popularity (making the election a popularity contest, those who is in showbiz or who has a beautiful face) because party doesn't mind to me hence they don't even promote it.
     If there are only two party, most of the voters will choose only two candidates instead of many whom cause confusion. The other thing also is that they can clearly state their platforms and if ever they win, they're ought to do whatever they promised based on the party platform (it will somehow enlightened the mind of the voters regarding the mission and vision of the party). Lastly, election related vandalism will be minimize since there are only two party, because as the number of candidates exceed more than two, the number of banners and streamers and other related election stamp grow much that after the election it cause much trash (as in).
     I know that it will bring division in ideologies, but that's better than being a fanatic of a single person which don't have much political will, fanatic of a political family and division during election into so many party which they don't even know the mission and vision.

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