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Friday, September 6, 2013

Throwback and Flashback: Memories of the Old Philippines

Pictures create memories of the things that are only part of history. Here are some of the Pictures that depicts the beauty and the way of life of the Filipinos during the early 20th century.

1910. Tondo Beach
circa 1914. Flood in Manila
(circa 1899) Pasig River Showing a part of the Puente De Espana- Erected in 1875 to replace the earlier Puente Grande, the Puente de España had six spans of masonry and two central arches of iron. Capable of accommodating pedestrian and vehicular traffic, at that time consisting of horse or carabao drawn carts and carriages as well as a modern trolley system, the Tranvia, the Puente de España lasted until its subsequent replacement during the 1930’s with Juan Arellano’s Neo-Classical masterpiece, Jones Bridge.

(circa 1898) Corregidor Island, the entrance to Manila Bay -   The island came under Spanish sovereignty since May 19, 1570 when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and his forces arrived in Manila Bay. Legazpi was authorized by the Spanish Crown to establish the capital of the Philippines in Manila, and convert the Muslims from Luzon and Mindanao to Christianity. Corregidor was used as a support site for the nine Spanish.

Circa 1905. Pasig River near the Customhouse
Circa 1900. A Scene of people taking a bath and Washing their clothes along the Pasig River.
circa 1899. Paranaque - A partial view of the town of Paranaque. The former Spanish Governor General of the Philippines, Camilo de Polavieja, used to reside on the house beside the church.

circa 1898. A view of Manila showing the semi-rustic bridge and the square-turret-shaped towers of Sto. Domingo Church
circa 1899. THE MARKET PLACE ALONG THE ESTERO IN THE CENTER OF MANILA- looks like a floating market.
circa 1912. Albay, Bicol - with Mayon Volcano at the Back
circa 1900. Native houses along the Pasig River.

credits to Pearl of the orient facebook page 

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