Some people nowadays find relationship as a status in social media. A way to create buzz especially to those who were in the entertainment industry. And as both enjoy the company of each other, they soon find themselves stranger to what they were doing. Well, each has a definition of relationship. it is just hard to commit in a long lasting relationship when somebody rush to be in it.
So here’s just my thought of how to find a good match and to make both relationship work.
1. Love yourself, you can never give what you don’t have and never played a game where all you’re cards are on the table… leave some to add mystery. 
2. Be happy with your life and to what you’re doing, have a self respect. Don’t just sleep with anything good-looking that comes your way. It’s lust and won’t last. You will just know you’re in the right track when you meet the one because the first thing is, he/she will get in the way of your little routine in life. If he’s worth it, you can consider it’s him.
3. Lower your pride and be honest in action and in words. learn to forgive, never hold a grudge, respect each others personal space and understand each others differences. Better set some ground rules in a relationship to prevent future misunderstanding. Never fail and make him doubt your love, always make him feel the best to you second to none.(family is a different story)
4. You can have sex with anyone you like but as they say, it’s more intimate and exciting with someone you love. The satisfaction and pleasure of sex comes when both have feelings for each other otherwise it’s just meaningless, a way for some release. But let not sex the only thing that keeps you both in a relationship. It’s understandable that both yearn for each others touch and alone time, but what about some intimate yet non-sexual activities…. try it.
5. Love Transcends. some says you get easy attracted to physical features of an individual then you lust and get attached. Keep in mind that if you get stuck to physical features of someone, move on. Sooner, that someone will get old, get wrinkles and gray hair. That leads you to find younger,… you don’t want someone cheats on you in the future? better settle with someone you’re willing to grow old and who has a mutual desire.
6. Don’t rush things for both of you, take time to get to know each other. learn and accept his/her flaws and so as your’s. these flaws might bring out the best in both of you. who knows. The more you spend time with him the more he/she become special to you.
7. Loving someone comes with other emotion such as hate,sadness, jealousy, and etc. if ever you get into break-ups, cheer up. though it may be hard for a time because of the memories you both shared, remember that if he’s not it then probably there’s a better one in the store. don’t mope. learn the art of moving on. Letting go of the past is a part of every relationship, but make sure you learn from the previous.