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Monday, June 24, 2013

There is Something Wrong


Whenever I watch TV or read articles or just listen to radio news about racism, there are random thoughts that pop out of my head and some questions which bother me sometimes as if they were national problems that needs immediate answer. Though these are only nonsense, I am sure that I’m not the only one thinking about this…….

  • ·         My first question is, Why do Westerners call Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, which are almost alike in physical features, Asians but don’t call Iranians, Indians or Israelites Asians where in fact they are citizens of the country that is situated in Asia.

  • ·         Have you observe that the United States citizens call themselves Americans but call a Latino a Mexicans or a Brazilian and etc. when in fact they are also Americans? Isn’t that all living in the Americas has the right to be called Americans not only those living in the US?

  • ·         Egyptian should also be called Africans since they’re from Africa, isn’t it? After all, the blacks are just part of the diverse race of Africa. Think about this, if Obama is a Libyan or an Egyptian descent but is not black, would he still be considered African-American even if he’s not black but with an African root?

So what exactly is my point here? A society should perhaps stop labeling a person base from his or her color. As we label people we create barriers instead of connections.

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