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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Spending of the Philippine's Elite

                As Confucius puts it, in a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. But we can neither deny that elitism is at its best in a country where everyone is free to strive for a better life. Equality will be in the form of human dignity rather than social status. Those who are at the top will be richer and those poor will continue to be poor as long as there are people who are greedy.
                Those who belong to the Elite society of the country enjoy all the possessions and services that their money can purchase. It might be their belief that wealth is the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, they have much further than what they actually should. Some of them spend more just to make an impression to their peers and to increase their reputation and social standing. Their standing in the society insists suitable class symbols like expensive cars, uncommon Jewelries, pricey imported attire, and Palatial Houses in gated communities or pent house in lofty residential building in the City. The more securities, bodyguards, foreign dogs and uniformed servants they have, the good is their social standing.

                The affluent family sends their kids to the most prominent Catholic Schools or international schools and universities and some in the States or Europe. They secure medical services in the finest hospitals in the country. Their appliances and furniture were rare and some are made to order in abroad. During holidays or just a break from their work, they go to the most deluxe hotels, private resorts and stunning beaches like in Palawan or outside the country. In their elite gatherings, the most classy jewelries glitter, and the best drinks are served. The celebrities and the influential politicians in town are in attendance.

                The population of the country’s elite is just a percent of the country’s total population. For the food of their pets alone, they spend thousand or even million peso yearly. Obviously, the food of the dogs of the rich people in the Philippines is much better and more expensive than the meals of the poor people. And yet, somewhere in Tondo, Mindanao, or under the bridge, Hundreds of people, especially children, die of hunger. But after all, we can’t blame them for the misfortunes of the few, they earn same as anybody in the country, it so happens that they are rich. But poverty can be addressed if everybody is willing to extend their hands to those needy. 

                As long as those who have almost everything forget to look down and continue to seek what money can offer for their pleasure, there will be a continues struggle.

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