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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why you are still Single?

When I stranger greet you, do you greet him back?
Maybe you're the reason why some people don't like you the way you like them.
It's not because you tend to choose your partner, after all we have the right to choose the person we think that can make us happy.

It is because you are afraid of what might be the consequence of your action. You are afraid of not receiving the same amount of love you give. You are afraid that in the end you will end up like those stars in showbizness. You tend to base it on quantity instead of the quality.

Being single is not a problem. Some people can't help but ask for companion because they are lonely and when they found one they will ask for space.

Having no relationship with somebody gives you time for yourself. You can enjoy things that you can't when you are with someone. But it is necessary for us to find somebody that will give us comfort. Life will be lonely when there is no one we can share our struggles and triumphs.

But why are you still single? Are you ugly in most of the peoples perspective except your parents? or you have the qualities that doesn't fit on their standards? Don't think about this questions. Being ugly is not a problem, after all it is relative just like Einstein theorized. It depends on who is looking at you and who are you with. You don't need to live up to the expectation of someone just to be liked. You just need to be you not acting stupid just to be acknowledge by someone.

We are in a cruel world. Almost everyone including you will ask from yourself of something that you cant give. If there are a thousand people in your community and half of that are your relatives and only one of them is the person you like, will you consider to be someone you are not?

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