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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Globalization and becoming nation Subjectivity, Nationhood and Narrative in the Period of Capitalism by Elmo Gonzaga reviewed by Cedric Joces Yoro

The book argued that globalization had a big role in forming a nation of a country. It especially involved the capitalism which is a modernist concept. The objective of a global Capitalism should be open, dynamic and immanent. The emergence of a nation requires the principle of inclusion. The nation that is interrogated have a limited boundaries and not in the expansion of it. Nation is a modernist concept but still there is no new proposition and the nation is still obsolete. The concept of a nation a modernist perspective is still hard to attain and just artificial which involves construction of nationhood.
The nations have an organized identity.  The use of symbols with connection with their will to have a power of an elite and the book argued that this will be changed there were connections with the citizens.  Gonzaga have a perception of Filipinos. He argued that they should be perceived more as a smooth and nomadic instead of embracing their own symbols such as language, and flags. The Filipinos should have a participation in the politics and it is a right of every citizen in our country and it should be limitless. People should have an access its laws. But in my part the Filipinos should also have an essential knowledge about the existence of laws in our country. Every Filipinos should be updated and respect of the policies and laws. The freedom of Filipinos should not be limited by its symbols and traditional identities. The will of Filipinos should be bounded by its will. As we can see he argued in the first chapter that progress is liberal and not limited to a very small context it requires an open mind ideas with regards of the actions towards progress.
In the second chapter the concept of a nation shifted from the control of a government in a society to a capitalist society where people possess private properties not controlled by the government. It imposes liberalization to the abuses of the government. It is about the freedom of people to the oppressive government. The global capitalism destroyed the boundaries the limits the freedom of the people. It formed hybridization of population and formed a new world market. New values were formed and it involves the unity of people in a society. Global capitalism changes the traditional concepts of which leads to a progress towards new society.
The nation became organized but it is challenged by the global capitalism. The trend of inequality is continuous. The freedom of people in an oppressive government led to a new rise of group of people that will dominate and oppress the lower classes in the society.  Full liberation became refused the real system was not recognized. Gonzaga argues that the oppressive customs and actions should be eliminated. By this, the total liberation of a society should be achieved. We must take down the limits and the boundaries toward frightening uncertainty of open space. Permanent plan should be made and there should be no limits in attaining goal in liberation. There should be no domination of traditional custom so that the liberation will be attainable.
Dogeaters imagines the nation as fractured due to class striation and the isolation of individuated subject. On one level, the despotic state works to impose own idea of nation upon population that inhabits its territory through mechanisms of spectacle and violence. Constituting the becoming nation is all about breaking the striation and subjectivity. The construction of connections and refusal to domination and power will lead to the total liberation and development because power and domination is a boundary to development.
In the fifth chapter, the period where the profit is the basis of generating development involves despotic state that causes the wild circulation of truths and image. Marginalization of other groups was involved in a society and it was assessed by the novel, an embarrassment of riches. Political geography and shaping the nation become territories must be over the elite fight for control. The state and market here in the Philippines was controlled by the elite. This fails to achieve national development of the country. The country is ruled by the elite and created a boundary which is like a feudal way of life. The people who seek liberation is a manifestation of a desire and creation of a guidepost for progress and growth.
In the era of capitalism, elite controlled the society. They had the power and gained the dominance in economic and political aspect of the society. The goal should be followed and should be the attained and it should be inclusive and eliminate the limits and boundaries to make the global capitalism work. The capitalism really made a bigger transformation in globalization but principle of development and actions towards the goal of a global capitalism was not imposed because of personal interests. That should be torn down and focus to the inclusion of the whole society.

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