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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jenus C. Hingada book review in Philippine Politics and Governance

It was a peaceful day at that morning of November 23, 2009 when sudden news about a massacre of numerous journalists in the town of Ampatuan in Maguindanao province, on the island of Mindanao shocks the Philippines. It was a horrifying event that the whole industry of media mourned over it. There I remember the  book of Philippine Politics and Governance that I read that tackles about the different issues and challenges that Philippines is currently facing today, because one of the issues that was discussed there is all about the media issues. I want to share this to all of you so you will be aware of our country’s situation, To further discuss it I write my insight , summary and critique about the book .
The Philippines is currently facing numerous issues and challenges in aiming for national development .The said challenges brought about by socioeconomic inequalities and social injustice. Because of these two, different social movements were formed to eliminate the said challenges. Under the socioeconomic inequalities and social injustice comes to different issues in terms of Islamic nationalism, Indigenous peoples, middle classes, women, environment and overseas employment.
Through the peace process, free media and different social movements, people empowerment and democratization would be achieved. These entails promotion of peoples participation, protection of human rights ,clean elections, representation  of different party list, the rule of law and the separation of church and state that would serve as the means to achieve development.
            As a student this book gives mean idea how I can contribute in addressing the issues and challenges that the Philippines is currently facing to achieve development. People empowerment is very essential to attain development because this cannot be achieved if only few people or only the government is going to make the steps in doing so. Specifically, if every citizen in ones country was not disciplined, it will be a barrier towards development because it is the main ingredients to achieve development. From the issues and challenges in the Philippines that I had outlined, there’s a danger of aggravation if these issues and challenges will not be address, a concrete example is the issue revolving women’s rights. And to serve that purpose, marginalization among them is becoming even more serious. We have to pay close attention for women so as not to give priority to patriarchal society to be able to not affect their public sphere of participation in politics. Women’s representation in the field of politics must be raise because there’s a threat of affecting other sectors other than women’s’ marginalized sector. We should do immediate actions about the issues concerning women.
            This book makes me aware of the following: (1) there’s a touch of influence of politics in every aspect, side and part of our society, although sometimes it is not visible to us, specifically those poor ones who in need of the control of the politics,(2) In the Philippines context, politics cannot be separate from Economic, social, religious and culture aspect of our society. Our daily lives was patterned after the Politics process and jurisdiction, (3) There are numerous issues and challenges that Philippines is currently facing, we have issues in Religion, Politics, social and culture especially in economics. As I have observed, we are having a misconception about the issues in development, we only blame the economic aspect as a hindrance towards the country’s development but because of this book, I was enlightened that different aspects of our society had a great influence in country’s growth and development, and lastly, Philippine Government is taking steps towards the achievement of national development, they seek sources of financial contributions in order to address different issues. It is not proper to always blame and criticize the government because they are doing things to help and involve the people in achieving development.
Philippines Politics and governance is a good book because it di9scussed numerous information about challenges that the Philippines is currently experiencing towards development. It will make the people’s to be aware of the issues that serve as hindrances towards the country’s development. This book may help to enable the people to formulate plans to give solutions to these challenges and issues to attain development.
Additional, it is also written in the book the different ideology of different authors about those issues that the Philippines needs to solve to achieve development. This ideology helps the readers to make a clear vision about those said issues. The authors gave a wide range of specific examples of the different issues presented and made a clear discussion of each of the examples.
We must participate in our country’s challenges because we are the one who will benefit from its development.

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