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Friday, February 3, 2012

“Towards Developing a Filipino Corporate Culture (Uses of Filipino Traditional Structures and Values in Modern Management” by: F. Landa Jocano PRESENTED BY: VILLEGAS, Ma. Katrina I. IV- 18 BSE History

“Isang Angkan, Isang Diwa, Isang Kompanya!”
            This book is about culture and management. Specifically, it deals with the uses of traditional structures and values in developing a Filipino corporate culture. It  is suggested that for management to be effective, it must have the support of the psychology of the people working in the enterprise. This can be achieved by fine-tuning the management style to the culture values of the society wherein the  corporation operates.  I strongly believed to Jocano that many managers overlook the fact that management is an activity shaped by the interaction of people working organization and affected by the cultural tradition of the larger society outside of it. He pointed out that Western corporate structures, Filipino management style. As an ideology of excellence and development: Western Science, Filipino values can merge successfully. Jocano also stated that, if the company is to survive and prosper , it has to match its business strategy with  a strong program of value reorientation that will enhance its corporate culture, substantiate its technological competence with strong corporate values that can serve as the basis of moral consensus in decision making and allow the workers to realize their potentials as members of the corporate group. the key to our progress lies in our ability to rise to a higher place of developmentwithout losinng oy sullying our cultural identity on uour own homeland. This is the essence of management by culture. As I qoute to his rallying challenge is “ Kaya ko, Kaya mo Kaya Natin!”
            Jocano also stated that, Modernization does not mean inevitably Westernization. The machines  may be derived from the West, but the management of technology, including the giving of brand names of products, can remain indigenous. Calling attention to the integration of traditonal structures into modern corporation does not mean going back to the primitive ways of doing things. He said, “it means elevating the traditional culture to the level of modernity and implanting the modern corporation deeply into the traditional ground, thereby providing it with a solid foundation, supported and nurtured by the cultural psychology of the people. Successful corporations can serve as the living symbols of Filipino capabilities.
            The following are suggested traditional structures upon which Filipino corporate values can be nurtured and enabled to flourish. I qouted  it here in my blog because, it is important in modern management in our society.
According to F. Landa Jocano
Suggestion 1: Corporation organization as angkan
                        The concept of angkan can be used as symbolic representation of native sentiments to enhance teamwork, cooperation and loyalty among the employees and workers.
Suggestion 2: Corporate manager as bagani
                        As a control mechanism of the corporation can be imbued with strong bagani sentiment to work not only for the profit of the company but also for the welfare and well- being of the employees
Suggestion 3:  Filipino corporation as mag-anak
            The rank and file employees can be imbued with mag-anak sentiment of pananagutan, pagbabahala and karangalan not only to their respective personal or familial interests but also towards the interest of the company.
Suggestion 4: Quality circle as a samahan
            It can be utilized to effect standard and quality control over products, positive relations between labor and management, standardization of wages, and motivation for excellence in task performance.
                        The rallying setiment shall be: One Kin group, One spirit, One  Company.!

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